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Our solutions empower providers and care teams to seamlessly discuss cost, reduce ordering friction, and drive care plan adherence.

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Data and automation that drive better conversations, better decisions, and better outcomes.

Today’s highly complex prescribing journey is fraught with stops and starts due to unreliable cost and coverage data, and cumbersome ordering processes. The resulting affordability issues, treatment delays, and abundance of administrative burden are putting patient outcomes and your organization at risk.

Arrive Health eliminates these hurdles, supporting clear decisions by providing access to accurate, patient-specific pharmacy data and automation capabilities – all within existing workflows. 

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Our Solutions

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Care Teams



Solving Your Most Pressing Problems

Minimize Admin Burden

Anticipate Patient Needs

Drive Adherence

Improve Pharmacy Efficiency

Lower Cost of Care

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Optimize Workflows


Hospitals and Health Systems

300,000 providers leveraging our solutions



Covering more than 300 million patients in our network


Savings Opportunities

First fill patient savings opportunities identified annually

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