Helping patients manage their health and improve outcomes.

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Engaging patients in their personalized health journeys.

Arrive Health has developed the nation’s leading care access platform that integrates data from a robust network of content providers. Our vision is to make this data actionable for patients by delivering targeted messages during key moments when information can drive better decisions and outcomes.

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Insurance Details

With access to insurance information like deductible status, co-pay, and patient responsibility, patients can better plan for their total healthcare costs.

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Cost Transparency

With access to real-time pricing information, patients can see the true cost of their care. When insurance is not available, patients can view possible discount offers, protecting them from surprise bills and helping them find the most affordable care options.

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Prior Authorization

With real-time notifications regarding prior authorization, patients can engage with their care team to seamlessly understand the status of their care.

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Alternative Options

Patients can explore and understand alternative care options, including covered medications, pharmacies, preferred specialists, and location options for labs and imaging.

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Care Quality

Patients can easily view information generated by claims history, payer alerts, and Arrive Health’s data intelligence tools. With nudges to schedule visits and screenings, patients have the opportunity to engage in preventive care and maintain better health.

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Our robust reporting drives visibility into patient interaction with the Arrive Health platform. Leverage insights to identify opportunities for further engagement and support patients throughout their care journey.

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