Creating a Personalized Prescribing Experience for Each Patient


Creating a Personalized Prescribing Experience for Each Patient

Do you remember what it was like to shop for clothes, gifts, or household items before e-commerce changed the game? Most people were reliant on physical catalogs to tell them what was on sale, and they had no clue what items cost—or what was in stock—until they got to the store.

Now the average consumer can compare prices, see what’s in stock, read buyer reviews, and have their order ready at a convenient location (or delivered directly), all from a phone or computer.

Value and convenience are two of the biggest factors that drive our purchasing decisions, so why should patients have to leverage an obsolete shopping model and wait until they get to the pharmacy to know the cost of their prescriptions? And why should they have to go to a pharmacy at all?

They shouldn’t.

With RxRevu’s Real-Time Prescription Benefit (RTPB) technology, providers have the information they need in the exam room to help patients find a treatment plan that works for them.

With RTPB, accurate data shows the provider how much a medication will cost based on the patient’s insurance plan, where the patient is at against their deductible, and what fulfilment options are available—including retail pharmacies and mail-order delivery.

Even more, RxRevu’s RTPB technology displays alternatives: alternative quantities to avoid restrictions, alternative medication options that are a lower cost, and alternative pharmacies that might be more convenient for the patient.

With real-time data delivered to the point of care, patients and providers can have informed conversations about the best care options at that specific moment in time. Providers can help avoid surprises at the pharmacy and prevent delays in care due to prior authorization. And patients are able to consult their doctors with medication questions and concerns.

Healthcare is finally catching up to other industries in that transparency allows for a better, more personalized consumer experience. No matter where a patient lives or what ailments they might face, they should be able to understand what medication options are available and what they can afford. RxRevu enables better prescribing decisions for each patient, because each patient is unique—and their care plan should be, too.

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