Partnering With the Mental Health Center of Denver to Support Our Community


Partnering With the Mental Health Center of Denver to Support Our Community

According to the CDC, more than 50% of Americans will be diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder at some point in their lifetime, and in any given year, one in five Americans will experience a mental illness (CDC).  Knowing how prevalent mental illness is in our society, the team at RxRevu has chosen to partner with the Mental Health Center of Denver (MHCD) to provide resources, training, and support for MHCD staff and the community members they serve.

MHCD is a renowned organization whose mission is to enrich the lives and minds of those in the community by focusing on strengths and wellbeing. They serve tens of thousands of people every year through mental health literacy programs, access to care, and employment support.

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RxRevu is excited to support MHCD’s Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-Being, which is focused on total well-being for the Northeast Park Hill community. The location is home to well-being services for the mind, three acres of farm and garden space, and many community offerings including classroom, play, and therapy space. Specific services include behavioral health care, integrated primary and dental care, deaf and hard-of-hearing services, housing services, crisis intervention, and employment support. They also maintain strong partnerships with Denver’s public schools, police department, crisis services, primary care providers, faith communities, justice system, and youth centers.  Of particular importance, the MHCD garden offers the community better access to fresh and healthy foods in a location that is situated in a food desert.

The RxRevu team has partnered with MHCD to provide:

  • Resources and helping hands for the Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-Being’s Farms and Gardens
  • Virtual education and trainings to the people MHCD serves
  • Virtual education and trainings to the MHCD staff

During RxRevu’s recent Week of Service, three groups of volunteers assisted the MHCD staff throughout the Gardens, getting the soil ready for summer vegetables and prepping the grounds for the year ahead. Every weed pulled and every row tilled will help produce a better crop, and will lead to a more nutritious and bountiful harvest for the broader Park Hill community.

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As working adults in the Denver community, we also want to offer our support through live presentations and pre-recorded content. We’ve chosen these formats because we believe they are the best way to educate the MHCD community and reach a diverse audience. Some of the content we plan to share includes: information on how to advocate for appropriate patient care, price transparency and health literacy resources, healthcare knowledge and tools, and introductions to various career paths.

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We thank the phenomenal team at MHCD for coordinating our community service days, and we look forward to supporting this wonderful organization throughout the remainder of the year. Anyone interested in donating or getting involved with MHCD can learn more here.

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