RxRevu Announces Product Enhancements to Display Plan Costs and Drive Provider Engagement


RxRevu Announces Product Enhancements to Display Plan Costs and Drive Provider Engagement

RxRevu (now Arrive Health), the leading provider of integrated solutions that improve patient access to care, has added new functionality to its Real-Time Prescription Benefit (RTPB) solution that improves transaction success rates and displays additional plan cost data. True to their core value of Relentless Improvement, the company has invested in product enhancements to reduce overall healthcare costs and help providers make better prescribing decisions.

First, RxRevu has added total prescription cost into their solution suite. In this way, providers interfacing with patients can not only see patient costs, covered medication alternatives, and prior authorization notifications, but also which option is the lowest cost to the patient’s health plan. With the addition of this plan pay data, providers can view clinically equivalent medication options and take an active role in helping to reduce the total cost of care.

This functionality came highly requested by both health plan and health system partners who are looking for ways to reduce total healthcare costs. In under two months, RxRevu was able to build, test, and implement this functionality, which is now available to all clients.

Second, RxRevu’s clinical team has augmented their solution with data quality checks to significantly reduce transaction errors between PBM and EHR partners. For one PBM partner, RxRevu was able to reduce data errors (e.g. Drug Not Found) by 6 percentage points and unmapped error codes (e.g. PBM Response is Not Recognized) by 98%. These improvements ensure providers have clear, actionable messages in their workflow.

Dr. Rob Bart, CMIO at UPMC, spoke about the importance of data quality on a recent webinar. “There are non-intuitive things that our payer and PBM partners do that are invisible to the clinician … Having that information become visible allows clinicians to adjust in a manner that is sensitive to the financial aspects related to those medications.” He continued, “Real-time benefit has the unique ability to get the payer, the provider, and the patient all aligned on the same path.”

Additional data quality initiatives include: converting intended inputs from clinical quantities to billing quantities to ensure appropriate covered prices are returned; reducing errors based on user input, including hiding erroneous results and converting days supply mis-selections; and standardizing error codes and alerts from payer and PBM partners to display actionable messaging — all of which are detailed more thoroughly in a recent article.

Lastly, RxRevu has begun a number of provider engagement initiatives to collect user feedback and deliver ongoing client support. Through a new Thought Leaders User Group, RxRevu is garnering feedback from leading health systems to enhance product elements and drive utilization. Further, RxRevu has begun offering provider training workshops and robust reporting capabilities to health system partners. With advanced analytic insights, RxRevu is helping partners measure behavior change, medication order switches, and patient and plan savings.

Learn more about RxRevu’s reporting capabilities.

Reducing care variability and identifying opportunities for better prescribing decisions can create significant value for partners and patients. RxRevu’s RTPB solution is the industry’s most reliable tool for real-time cost and coverage data. If you would like to join the nation’s fastest-growing cost and coverage network, please visit RxRevu.com or reach out today.

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