RTPB: A Surprise and Delight in the EHR


RTPB: A Surprise and Delight in the EHR

“Surprise and delight” is a well-known marketing tactic, where companies win over customers by going the extra mile in their interactions and surprising them with delightful—and often unexpected—experiences.

A recent Health Evolution article about Oracle’s acquisition of Cerner discussed the opportunity to surprise and delight EHR users: “Despite so much innovation, EHR vendors have not widely embraced the technologist’s mantra of ‘delighting the user.’ Clinician burnout caused by kludgy software interfaces, interminable logins, generally too many clicks and time spent looking at a screen rather than at patients is so rampant, in fact, that it has all become cliché.”

Health systems should be optimistic that their EHR frustrations will be heard, and the overall user experience will improve—one day.

So, what about today? Is there an opportunity to surprise and delight in the EHR? Enter Real-Time Prescription Benefit.

Surprise: RTPB is native in the EHR workflow and simplifies the user experience.

Arrive Health offers the most accurate, EHR-integrated Real-Time Prescription Benefit solution on the market. The tool allows providers to see which medications are covered for each patient, along with less expensive alternatives that do not require prior authorization—all without leaving the standard electronic prescribing workflow. When a provider inputs a medication for their patient, insightful information is returned that helps the provider select the best medication option.

With RTPB, Arrive Health has dramatically improved the prescribing process by:

  • Allowing providers to order cost-effective therapeutic alternatives specific to a patient’s coverage
  • Showing alternative fulfillment options, including in-house, mail-order, and retail pharmacy options
  • Delivering data that is real-time and patient-specific through direct connections with supported PBMs
  • Displaying cash or discount card pricing for underinsured or uninsured patients

Additionally, by translating drug quantities to appropriate billing units and filtering non-meaningful medication alternatives, our real-time prescription benefit solution stands out among our competitors’ offerings.

Arrive Health’s Value to Health Systems

For a medium-size health system client, we presented opportunities to lower drug costs, avoid prior authorizations, and create a more convenient patient experience. In one year:

Delight: Patients get more personalized care from their providers and are more likely to stick to their treatment plans.

With Arrive Health’s solutions, providers can make more informed prescribing decisions by considering everything from a patient’s insurance coverage to their out-of-pocket cost. Providers can choose the specific medication option that works best for the patient at that moment in time, whether it is a lower-cost option, a medication available at a retail pharmacy located nearby, or a drug that does not need health plan approval. When the patient gets to the pharmacy, they know exactly what they will be paying for their medications—eliminating any need for purchases from unregulatedpharmacies, pill splitting, or skipping doses.

Further, as health systems take on risk and must manage the total cost of patient care, it is essential that they implement tools that can help reduce medication costs while improving care compliance and outcomes.

Arrive Health gives providers the ability to discuss price based on trusted data for more than 150 million patients. With accurate data at their fingertips, providers can better leverage the EHR in every patient encounter and can improve medication adherence, reduce unnecessary administrative burden, and effectively manage overall patient health.

Are you ready to be surprised and delighted? Learn more about our Real-Time Prescription Benefit tool and other care access solutions that bring cost and coverage information to the point of care.

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