Webinar Recap: Empowering Providers to Meet Access and Affordability Demands


Webinar Recap: Empowering Providers to Meet Access and Affordability Demands

On Tuesday, March 29th, RxRevu (now Arrive Health) CEO Kyle Kiser was joined by Dr. Rob Bart, CMIO at UPMC, and Dr. Kevin Maben, Pediatrician and Clinical Informaticist at Presbyterian Healthcare Services, for a conversation about Real-Time Prescription Benefit (RTPB) and why enabling providers with accurate data is the first step in meeting patient access and affordability demands.

Now more than ever, patients are facing increasing challenges related to cost and access to care. Dr. Bart and Dr. Maben agreed that we must empower providers with meaningful data so that they can help patients overcome these challenges, without adding friction to already-burdensome workflows.

The three panelists discussed how with integrated technology, it is possible to bridge the gap between clinical and cost data, enabling providers to view real-time insurance information, discount options, and prior authorization alerts.

Dr. Maben shared several personal stories about his experience using RTPB, including a time when he was able to switch to an inhaler option that had no patient co-pay — saving the family over $200 a month. Dr. Maben reiterated that with reliable data at his fingertips, he has been able to have better conversations with patients about coverage, costs, and convenience — without ever leaving the EHR. His patients are even beginning to proactively ask him for cost estimates, a huge win as price transparency and consumerism gain traction nationwide.

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  • How integrated technology can improve patient access, affordability, and continuity of care
  • How trustworthy data can enable cost transparency conversations and care adherence
  • How to best deliver real-time coverage data to providers, care teams, and patients

If you would like to learn more about how Arrive Health can help you meet patient access and affordability demands, please reach out today.

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