Webinar Recap: Empowering Providers With Real-Time Cost and Coverage Data


Webinar Recap: Empowering Providers With Real-Time Cost and Coverage Data

Marc Griffin, Senior Vice President of Strategic Accounts, was joined by Nick Gnadt, Director of Ambulatory Pharmacy at UnityPoint Health, Gionte Solomon, Assistant Director of Clinical Informatics at Watson Clinic, and Jeff Wagner, Business Development Manager at First Databank (FDB) for an informative discussion about Real-Time Prescription Benefit (RTPB) tools.

After a brief round of introductions, Marc kicked off the call by walking through some of the major challenges providers face every day. Those challenges include: a lack of coverage and cost data at the point of care, the inability to discuss affordability and covered care options with patients, and unnecessary administrative burden due to prior authorization and pharmacy callbacks. He continued with an overview of RxRevu’s Real-Time Prescription Benefit solution and highlighted our ability to display patient-specific coverage and cost data in the EHR workflow. Marc concluded by showing real-world examples in which RxRevu was able to drive patient savings, prior authorization avoidance, and convenience.

Marc then handed the mic over to Nick who described UnityPoint Health’s size, successes, and opportunities. Nick specifically spoke about how UnityPoint Health has turned on the RTPB alert functionality by default, and has seen tremendous results in displaying various fulfillment options and non-restricted medication alternatives.

Gionte continued the conversation by providing an overview of Watson Clinic, a 19-site medical clinic in Florida, and explaining Watson Clinic’s intentions in partnering with RxRevu—primarily to reduce patient prescription costs and reduce pharmacy callbacks. Gionte went into additional detail about how RxRevu was able to significantly reduce coverage gaps when enabled alongside an additional RTPB vendor.

Watch the recording to learn more and hear perspectives from:

  • Nick Gnadt, Director of Ambulatory Pharmacy, UnityPoint Health
  • Gionte Solomon, Assistant Director of Clinical Informatics, Watson Clinic
  • Jeff Wagner, Business Development Manager, FDB
  • Marc Griffin, SVP Strategic Accounts, RxRevu (now Arrive Health)

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