Webinar Recap: How UCHealth is Changing Prescriber Behavior with Integrated Price Transparency Tools


Webinar Recap: How UCHealth is Changing Prescriber Behavior with Integrated Price Transparency Tools

On Wednesday May 20th, Kyle Kiser, RxRevu (now Arrive Health) President and Chief Strategy Officer, was joined by Dr. CT Lin, CMIO at UCHealth, for a thought-provoking conversation about how price transparency tools are changing the way health systems manage the prescribing process.  The webinar, which was hosted by Fierce Healthcare, promoted the idea that providing robust data at the point-of-care is an essential step in empowering doctors to make better prescribing decisions.

Kyle and CT started the webinar by discussing some of the major challenges within the prescription drug landscape, including the fact that patients and providers lack accurate (or any) cost data, most providers seldom trust formulary data in the EHR, and providers agree that prior authorizations have a negative effect on patient experience and health.  From there, CT went on to discuss how Real-Time Prescription Benefit (RTPB) technology has improved the prescribing workflow at UCHealth, and how their partnership with RxRevu is helping drive a better experience across the system.  Not only has RTPB technology improved thousands of patient-provider conversations, but it has also reduced downstream work and removed friction for UCHealth care teams.

In particular, CT shared tips for empowering providers and reiterated that displaying more data in the EHR can better inform prescribing decisions.  Specifically, he and Kyle discussed the benefits of providing various types of data, including:

  • Pharmacy fulfillment options, including a patient’s non-preferred pharmacy
  • Therapeutic alternatives that are covered under a patient’s health plan
  • Drug options with different quantity or drug dosage forms
  • Pricing information for drugs that are less, equal, or even more expensive

With RTPB tools integrated seamlessly into the prescribing workflow, RxRevu is empowering UCHealth providers with the data they need to offer affordable therapy options to all of their patients.

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