Webinar Recap: How UCHealth is Driving Meaningful Behavior Change with Real-Time Data and Technology


Webinar Recap: How UCHealth is Driving Meaningful Behavior Change with Real-Time Data and Technology

On Thursday, June 10th, RxRevu (now Arrive Health) had the privilege of hosting a webinar in partnership with Fierce Healthcare and UCHealth. Featured speakers included Carm Huntress, Founder of RxRevu, Dr. CT Lin, CMIO of UCHealth, and Kyle Campbell, Lead Data Scientist at RxRevu.

To kick off the call, Carm walked the audience through the current state of point-of-care decision support. Specifically, he covered some of the challenges that are hindering adoption of decision-support tools, including lack of trust in the data and overly-burdensome workflows.  Then, Carm briefly spoke about regulatory shifts that are driving urgency around bringing price transparency and interoperability to healthcare.

Carm also gave a brief overview of how RxRevu approaches the challenge of driving behavior change at the point-of-care. First, as he explained, “we deliver the industry’s most accurate coverage and cost information to the care workflow with Real-Time Prescription Benefit technology. From there, we measure medication ordering behavior and provide robust analytics so teams can understand prescribing patterns and care variability.” He emphasized that it is only this combined approach that can truly drive informed decision-making, lower healthcare costs, and improve patient outcomes.

From there, Dr. CT Lin walked through UCHealth’s partnership with RxRevu, starting with an explanation of UCHealth’s journey toward transparency and the need for an innovative, integrated solution.  After discussing how the partnership with RxRevu began, he continued by giving a high-level overview of how UCHealth physicians have used Real-Time Prescription Benefit to view patient-specific coverage and cost information in their EHR workflows.  He closed by highlighting where there was an opportunity to help patients save on their medication orders and reduce PA burden, and how the RTPB solution drove measurable results and behavior change across the last year.

In closing, Dr. Lin and Carm reviewed three primary strategies for driving meaningful behavior change:

  • Integrate tools seamlessly into the clinical workflow and provide robust training and support
  • Empower providers with accurate data (not estimates) that is normalized, consistent, and relevant
  • Leverage data and analytics to understand what works, improve solutions, and drive adoption over time

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