Who is Arrive Health?


Who is Arrive Health?

The Beginning

Who is Arrive Health? To answer that, let’s go back to the beginning.

RxRevu was founded nearly a decade ago when Dr. Kevin O’Brien realized his mother – Lucy – was spending an unimaginable amount on her prescription drugs. A practicing physician, he began to compile lists of drug options that Lucy could bring to her provider. Dr. O’Brien knew there must be a better way to automate this manual look-up process — and that’s when RxRevu was born.

A dedicated team of healthcare experts started building a vast network of PBMs, providers, and EHR vendors to present medication cost information in the prescribing workflow. Dr. O’Brien’s vision of helping his mother evolved into a mission to help every Lucy access the most affordable medication options possible.

The Evolution

As RxRevu continued to grow however, the team realized that prescription cost and coverage information was only part of the equation. Our partners were demanding more, and patients were continually being burdened by unaffordable care options. The RxRevu team had built a prescription data network, but realized that each patient had a robust set of options that were covered under the medical benefit as well, including labs, specialists, gaps-in-care, specialty medications, and more. RxRevu started working with select payers to build a reliable data infrastructure that could deliver more complete coverage and cost information to the point-of-care.

But there was a challenge in developing this expanded set of services beyond prescription price transparency. The name RxRevu was no longer fitting as we continued to build a platform that delivered robust patient data to stakeholders across the industry.

RxRevu needed to evolve.

But Arrive Health is not just a new name. Arrive Health is more than just a logo and color palette and website.  Arrive Health is a completely reimagined company whose mission is to clear the way for better health.

The Arrive Health team is committed to improving patient affordability and access to care, and this new brand exemplifies our ambitions and purpose in a more unique way. We are wholly focused on bringing accurate data (both pharmacy, medical benefit, and more) to provider and care team workflows so that patients can receive the highest quality care at the most affordable price. The Arrive Health brand will better scale with the company’s long-term ambitions of eliminating friction in care workflows and revealing a clear decision journey forged by transparent and accurate data.

What’s in a Name?

Our new name suggests momentum, while emphasizing the final goal rather than the often-arduous journey. We are helping providers, care teams, and patients arrive at the best care decisions – before, during, and after every encounter. Additionally, our name reinforces the progress we’ve made as an innovative technology company, and emphasizes our passion for moving healthcare forward.

Our unwavering focus on improving patient access and affordability can be seen throughout our new imagery, iconography, and copy – but this focus runs deeper.  Our solutions have been re-engineered to better serve stakeholders across the care continuum. We have developed an industry-leading solutions that deliver payer, PBM, and other healthcare content directly when and where it is needed most.

Especially visible, our new logo includes a subtle personification on the ‘v’ which represents Arrive Health’s focus on people – the patient, the provider, and the care team. Moving the dot from the ‘i’ forward onto the ‘v’ also represents the company’s mission to advance healthcare and lean into innovation.

Our Rallying Cry

Ever since the beginning, our team has reminded one another who we’re doing this for with the mantra Lucy Up – a callback to our founder and his mother Lucy’s rising medical costs. Just as Dr. O’Brien stepped up to solve Lucy’s challenge, we as individuals must step up to make healthcare better, together.

Fortunately, we know that the technology we’ve built can do just that.  Through hard work and dedication, we are making healthcare better by helping patients understand what they’ll owe and presenting them with lower-cost options, enabling providers to discuss affordability and avoid restricted options, and supporting care teams in reducing administrative burden and driving care adherence.

Arrive Health is a technology company, but we are so much more. We are a group of individuals who are committed to the Lucy’s of the world, and we are doing our part to clear the way for better health.

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